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Hello, we are happy that you found bookmarks. bookmarks is a link directory with many great recommendations on very different subject areas. Our web catalog should help you to find interesting new websites and to inform you faster about what actually interests you. Search engines are very slow when it comes to listing new and current pages. In a web directory, on the other hand, we can work quickly and unbureaucratically, because real people still do the work here. Maybe you already know other link directories and how they work. Or are you new and have no experience yet? However, you will see how easy it is to use bookmarks and how quickly you can find good content.

A link directory like bookmarks offers a list of links to other websites according to certain thematic criteria. On bookmarks, for example, you will find a lot of links under the generic terms dating, home, sport, politics, travel news, health, insurance, web shops, food or art. So if you are interested in any of these topics, you can find a lot of further pages on the topic here. Our directory serves as a database or catalog, in which one simply flips through and is forwarded directly. Since our directory is maintained and maintained conscientiously, we can assure you that you will not find any dead links here or links to pages with inexact or superficial content. Only if a page fits the topic, is updated regularly, does not contain any strange content and is good in content, will it be listed on bookmarks. And all existing entries are regularly checked by our team to ensure that they still meet our criteria. Many users also help by alerting us to inappropriate pages.

If you want to list your own website or an interesting website that you have found on the Internet in our directory, you can click the "Add link" button. This takes you directly to a contact form in which the key data of the new page must be entered. With one click you send the form to us and our team starts to check the proposed page. If we like the content and if everything meets our principles, we will publish the link in the appropriate category after a few days. The entry is free of charge and will always remain free in the future. However, the website operator must ensure that the page continues to be updated even after the recording and that no unauthorized content is added. Pages that violate these guidelines can be blocked for a long time.

Since links to your own site are positive for the evaluation of search engines, it was very good for a long time to be included in as many web catalogs as possible. In the meantime Google and the other major search engines have changed their parameters and only value the directory that is actually maintained. For example, if there are thousands of links in a directory and some of them point to dead and unkempt pages, the entire directory will be downgraded. So you have no SEO benefit from being listed there. Interesting, current and well-maintained link directories, on the other hand, are still good for the SEO of a website.